Online and Mobile Ordering System For Your Cafe, Takeaway and Restaurant.

Increase revenue with your custom branded online ordering system on your website. Our platform is designed to make ordering simple and easy for customers, so you get as many orders as possible.

Onlne Ordering, on your website.

We turn your web traffic into loyal customers, and make sure that when someone finds you, they can conveniently order, no matter what device they’re using. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are higher at restaurants that uses their own Online Ordering Systems. Receive payments for online orders directly to your restaurant. They say, Online Orders are about 20% larger than typical phone orders.

Mobile Friendly Online Ordering.

Engage customers and take orders directly on their mobile devices. Your branded Online Ordering Site is fully compatible with all types of mobile devices. Online Ordering System is a fully responsive design. So, it does not matter you view it from a Desktop or a Mobile. The presentation of you Online Ordering System is user friendly with any device.

Accept Cash, Credit Card Payments.

Let customers easily pay with a card and save it on file to speed future ordering. Next time they want to order, it’s just a few clicks away. As a bonus, your staff saves time and you reduce the risk of no-shows.

Email and SMS Notification.

You will be notified via SMS when new Orders are placed. You can inform your Customers via SMS when the Order is ready to pick. Imaging the improvement you can do to your waiting times, food preparation process, employee management and customer satisfaction.

Useful Reporting, Order and Sales Data.

Your Ordering and Reporting dashboard gives you the Live and Historical reports and actionable information for improving your menu and service.

Fully Branded Site.

Maintain and promote your restaurant’s brand while your customers order online. Online Ordering Systems offers your restaurant a fully branded online ordering system allowing you to connect directly with customers online, via web or mobile. You can promote your Online Ordering System with discount and voucher offers. It’s critical that you maintain your restaurant’s brand across the internet. With us, you can customize your own site to match your existing website with your logo, colors, images, pictures, and more. Get more Customer to Order Online. We make online ordering simple for you and your customers.

Email Marketing.

Online Ordering System integrated Email Marketing System allows your restaurant to send custom branded emails targeted to current and potential customers, at no cost. Get the maximum exposure by directly contacting your promotions to your own customers.

Vouchers and Promotional Discount System.

Online Ordering System integrated promotional system enables you to generate and accept custom promotional codes. It works with the Email Marketing System easily distribute promotions to customers and visitors on your site. You can track the effectiveness of each promotion by viewing your sales statistics.

Online Ordering Management Console.

Now you can access your Online Ordering Management Console to instantly view and control your Orders, Menu, Settings, Site design, Order history, and much more. In addition, multiple marketing features are accessible from your Management Console, such as our Email Marketing System, Promotional System.

Dedicated Specialists.

Your restaurant will receive a dedicated Specialist to help you maximize your online ordering system work for you, generating more revenue. They’re also here to help you configure your settings, promotions, marketing emails, and much more.

Receive Payment Directly. No middle man.

Online Ordering System facilitates orders and payments instantly and accurately. Unlike other ordering systems, Customers pays directly to your restaurant. Instead of waiting for a third-party to collect your money and send you a monthly payment, you can have your online transactions sent directly to your existing merchant account.

Customers Pay you. We don’t handling your money.

With your online ordering system, customers can place and pay for their orders online. Customers also have the option to re-ordering. Online payment processing pays money directly into your Bank Account. Unlike other Online Ordering Systems, we don’t handle your money. You are in full control. As a bonus, your staff saves time and you reduce the risk of no-shows.

Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are higher at restaurants that use Online Ordering Systems. The convenience of ordering online and the accuracy of each order helps create happy customers. Happy customers are loyal customers and loyal customers order more frequently. When you top it up with Free Offers and Redeemable Vouchers, online orders are about 20% larger than typical phone orders. Plus, repeat business is dramatically higher due to the increased customer convenience.

No Waiting On Hold or In Line Queuing.

Eliminate customer frustration and long time Queuing. With your Online Ordering System, your customers don’t get to put on hold if your customer Orders and Pays online, pickup or delivery is simple and fast.

Advanced Ordering. Pre-Ordering.

You can manage your settings to allow customers to order a specific number of days in advance while your store actually closed. Allow your customers to order in advance. This is ideal for large orders or catering orders. Customers can select a future date and time for their order, to make ordering extra convenient.

Eliminate Order Errors.

Your restaurant can start taking orders the same day you activate your account. Once you signup, you’ll have access to your NetWaiter Management Console to easily customize your menu, post pictures, and configure all of your settings. Or, you can have our design team customize your site and menu within 2-4 business days.

Super Fast Implementation and Deployment.

Your Cafe or Restaurant can start taking orders the same day you activate your account. Once you signup, you’ll have access to your Online Ordering Management Console to easily add your menu, post item pictures, and configure all options and settings. Or, our design team can customize your site within 2-4 business days. CONTACT US for more details.

Free to use.

No Contracts. Get your site setup quickly and easily!