Do I need an Internet Connection?

Yes, you will need access to a reliable internet to receive Orders without a delay.

What hardware is required?

Menu247 will supply Android App and thermal printer.

Do I need a Point of Sale System (POS)?

No. Menu247 run independently. If you do have a MiPOS system, we can integrate your POS Printer for Order Printing.

Do I need an existing website?

No, Menu247 provided ordering website is prefect to be your primary Website. See examples.
Menu247 offer you full web design and hosting to take orders.

If this another Ordering Portal?

No, Menu247 sits behind your website and provide you a Ordering Portal to take Orders Online.

What happens if I already have a website?

You can create Order Online button to navigate to Online Ordering Platform. websites will be seamlessly linked so that your customers never have to leave your website.

Can I update the website/ordering system myself?

To keep the Ordering Page uniform, we prefer you get us to do some of the work. Lets discuss about it.

Can I accept Credit Cards online?

Yes, customers can pay using credit card or Pay by Cash.

How soon can we access the Customer Funds?

Menu247 never takes money from Customers. Customers directly pays you. That’s one of our main specialty.

How do I grow my customer database?

Every time a customer places an order through your online ordering system, information is saved on the database. You may retrieve this information. The customer is yours. That’s another one of our main specialty.

What does Menu247 cost?

Menu247 does not charge you a commission now collect your customer information. Customers pay you directly and you build your own Customers with repeat business offers via Voucher. You only pay a flat fee for the services Menu247 provides maintaining your Ordering Website.